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Should a party default on his obligation, a court may issue an order for specific performance, requiring a party to perform a particular action. Tagged with: Commercial Litigation, Mortgage Contingency Clauses, Real Estate Contracts, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Litigation, Specific Performance « The Economic Loss Doctrine and the Split of Authority Within the Southern District of New York. For example, for a buyer to be awarded either money damages or specific performance of the contract of sale, the buyer will need to prove that he or she had the available funds to complete the purchase of the property. The court concluded that the court had properly granted both liquidated damages and specific performance in this case, as the legal and equitable remedies redressed separate injuries. There are however certain contingencies in most contracts which must be satisfied before the buyer or the seller is required to complete the transaction. Limitation of remedies clauses as set forth in In many instances, careful draftsmanship by the buyer’s attorney might have prevented that unfair result. If the seller is able to successfully terminate the contract, although his true motivation was to get a higher price from another buyer, this is probably an unforeseen result of a contract provision that was probably meant to protect the buyer rather than the seller. Forcing the Sale: Specific Performance in Real Estate Posted on October 11, 2016 by Trey Wilson -- San Antonio Real Estate Attorney Typically, parties enter contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate with some degree of enthusiasm, and intentions to consummate the transaction under the terms agreed-upon. These are often included in real estate contracts. If the buyer finds a different property that he or she prefers, or that can be bought for a lower price, the purchaser may prefer to terminate the signed contract, and instead take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a different property. Sometimes a contingency in the contract is not satisfied. For example, an inspection of the property reveals termite infestation or termite damage, a leaking underground oil tanks, or other environmental hazard. When Specific Performance May be Ordered in a Real Estate Transaction. ... A contract that conveys an interest in real estate must include a title closing entity. Home » Blog»Newsletters » Specific Performance of Real Estate [...]. The term specific performance refers to literal performance of ones obligations under a contract. Finally, it should be noted that specific enforcement is a buyer’s remedy. However, sometimes a party to the contract might be able to use a contingency clause to his or her advantage, even though the clause wasn’t meant to protect that party. An example is a lease agreement that provides the tenant with the right to exercise an option to purchase the premises upon satisfying certain conditions. A properly drafted contract of sale for a house, condominium, co-op apartment, commercial property or land in New York State … The liquidated damage clause in the contract seemed to provide the protection the developer needed, but the protection contained in the poorly drafted provision was illusory, and the Court concluded that specific performance was an available remedy to the Seller. When he eventually passed the property was worth $60,000 and the court, in view of this and other surrounding factors, found it unconscionable to enforce the option.). The reason is simple. The Superior Court relied on “the “well-established law that specific performance is available to enforce sales of realty due to land’s inherent nature as unique and therefore impossible of duplication.” The Court stated that “(g)iven that all tracts of land long have been regarded as unique, and appellant further testified to the (p)roperty’s unique characteristics vis-a vis his needs, we agree with (Oliver) that a remedy at law is inadequate . In order to be awarded either money damages or specific performance of the contract of sale, the aggrieved party will need to prove that he or she was ready, willing and able to close the transaction. Updated October 26, 2020: Time is of the essence clause in real estate contracts refers to a clause that requires one party in a real estate contract to fulfill his or her obligations within a certain time frame. If the property is unique, the purchaser might consider a lawsuit for specific performance seeks to obtain a court order directing the seller to complete the transaction at the agreed price, in accordance with the terms of the contract. This technicality allows the buyer to seek equitable relief from a court (that is, relief different from monetary damages.). Discharging a contract means ending the contract in one of several appropriate ways. •New York Times (article in Real Estate section published on Sunday, October 2, 2011) Basics of Specific Performance In a real estate contract, parties may agree to a contract, such as for the sale of a home. Specific performance is most often seen used in real estate transactions forcing the deal to close. With a specific performance lawsuit, the judge orders the reluctant seller or buyer to complete the contract, that is, to close the sale. In that instance, the buyer may ask for “specific performance” of the contract, which is a remedy that is pretty much like it sounds, the seller actually has to perform what it contracted to do – convey the property. Dual agency arises when a real estate broker or salesperson represents adverse parties (e.g., a … The Balls breached the agreement. Real Estate Contract Specific Performance. This … Before rushing into a lawsuit for specific performance, it is important to carefully review the terms of the contract of sale. New York Real Estate Lawyer | NY Real Estate Transactions | NY Real Estate Litigation. In Berggren vs. Hill, (1st District, May 18, 2010), 401 Ill.App.3d 475, 928 N.E.2d 1225, a Seller brought suit for Specific Performance of a contract for the sale of a condominium unit for $1,650,000. Other money damages sought in that lawsuit may include the buyer’s other costs and expenses incurred as a result of the breach of contract. It is virtually impossible to obtain title insurance necessary to convey title while an action for specific performance is pending. Real estate contracts; specific performance and earnest money liquidated damages. Specific performance is an alternative equitrable remedy to a cause of action for breach of contract. Nevertheless, in some instances, circumstances might occur which could possibly enable the seller to take advantage of a poorly drafted provision in the contract, in order to cancel the contract. It has been our experience that when a buyer or seller hires a real estate litigation attorney such as our firm, the litigator may be able to persuade the party attempting to breach the contract of sale, to reconsider their position, in order to avoid litigation. It's an unusual … Typically, neither the seller or the buyer may terminate the contract merely because they change their mind, or because a different purchase or sale would be more advantageous to them. Contracts for the purchase of a co-op apartment should contain a provision stating that the transaction is contingent upon the purchaser obtaining approval from the Co-op Corporation’s Board of Directors. Whether a buyer or seller can legally terminate a contract of sale depends on the specific language of the real estate contract, as well as the particular circumstances that have arisen. In that case, Mr. Oliver entered into a contract to buy approximately 71 acres of real estate located in Butler County from four members of the Ball family. A seller contracts to receive money, which obviously can be measured in money damages when the buyer defaults. New York Real Estate Lawyer - Publications, Michael W. Goldstein has been interviewed on various topics in New York Real Estate Law, and quoted by the following highly respected newspapers and publications: PA Liquor Control Board 2021 License Fee Forgiveness, Restaurants Increased Outdoor Occupancy Announced, Relief to Businesses That Have Continued to Sell Healthy Food Throughout the COVID-19 Emergency, Guidance for Restaurants During COVID-19 (update). If approached by another potential buyer offering more money for the same property, the seller may prefer to cancel the contract.of sale. Second, each parcel of real estate is unique. In one case, an elderly man had given the option for the sale of a home and 16 acres for the purchase price of $550 upon his death. In addition, there should be a requirement that the property complies with zoning laws and other municipal or local rules and regulations. The judge found the conditions requisite to satisfy specific performance were met. Parties to a real estate transaction, including real estate brokers and salespersons themselves, seldom realize the inherent problems of a real estate agent acting as a dual agent. The basis for this remedy rests on two very old legal principles. If a seller or buyer breaches a real estate contract, then one possible remedy is specific performance. A properly drafted contract of sale for a house, condominium, co-op apartment, commercial property or land in New York State should be binding upon both the purchaser and the seller. Beware real property owners: The mere filing of a suit for specific performance (regardless of its ultimate success or the merits) can potentially tie up your property for several years, with or without the existence of a lis pendens. New York real estate contracts may also give the purchaser a certain period of time to have the property inspected for termite infestation, termite damage, lead paint, asbestos, leaking underground oil tanks, or other environmental hazards. Depending upon the language of the contract, and the specific reason provided by the buyer for terminating the transaction, the Seller might have a legal right to start a lawsuit for “specific performance” or for money damages. But the real effect of this decision is to make claims for specific performance substantially less attractive to plaintiffs, particularly in real estate transactions. "Specific performance" is a legal term arising out of contract law in California and all other states in the country. If a negotiated settlement is not possible, we will discuss with our client the options, including the pros and cons of commencing an action for either specific performance or for money damages. If the attorney representing you in your real estate transaction has been unable to force the other party to close the real estate sale, it might be time to contact a real estate litigation attorney. . We invite you to contact our New York real estate litigation attorney to discuss your real estate contract dispute, and possible lawsuit for specific performance of the real estate contract of sale, or for money damages. As the seller, you can keep the buyer’s earnest money. SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE REAL ESTATE SALES CONTRACT . Money damages sought in that lawsuit may include the difference between the purchase price in the contract breached by the seller, and the price paid by the purchaser for the replacement property. Which of the following is a good example of a unilateral contract? Specific performance is an alternative to a courts decision to award damages and it is commonly used as injunctive relief in cases involving real property or the disclosure of confidential information. If a party to the contract of sale wrongfully refuses to complete the transaction, the other party may have a legal right to either sue for money damages, or in some instances, to sue for specific performance. Forfeiture. •NY Real Estate Litigation Sometimes a purchaser or a seller might be able to take advantage of a contingency clause in order to legally cancel a contract, although the real motivation to terminate the transaction is completely unrelated to the contingency clause. Purchaser agrees not to use or permit the use of 2. If the party fails to complete the required task on time, it is regarded as a breach of contract. Similarly, the buyer’s obligation to complete the transaction is usually contingent upon the seller’s ability to deliver good and marketable title to the property, as well as a valid certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion for the property (unless it was constructed or renovated prior to the time that such certificates were required.) Specific performance is an equitable remedy in the law of contract. Beth would be compelled to go through with the sale. These principles were made use of (and the above quote is from) the recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case of Oliver v. Ball. Real Estate License Exam questions on this topic tend to focus on the definitions of these different ways of ending a contract. Specific Performance and 'Replevin' The goal of a lawsuit for specific performance is for the court to force the other party to close the transaction in accordance with the terms of the contract of sale. If you are the buyer or seller of a New York property, faced with any of the situations described above, we suggest that you first ask the attorney representing you in the real estate transaction to discuss your options, and tell you whether he or she has the experience to represent you in resolving the controversy, either by negotiation or litigation. Specific Performance as Remedy | Stimmel Law ... Introduction: Mr. Oliver filed a complaint asking for specific performance. Specific performance — an action brought in a court of equity in special cases to compel a party to carry out the terms of a contract. The real estate litigation attorney’s commencement of a lawsuit for specific performance or for money damages, or perhaps even discussion with the seller’s attorney of the contemplated lawsuit for specific performance or for money damages, might result in an agreement to complete the transaction, or a negotiated settlement. Specific performance typically arises in a real estate transaction. and that courts in this Commonwealth must enforce specifically realty agreements breached by sellers, except in cases where hardship or injustice would result.” (Cases where hardship or injustice are enough to avoid specific performance usually involve extreme cases. But, that isn’t the limit of the buyer’s liability. Transfer Clause Execute Clause. Generally the seller will have no legal right to terminate the transaction merely because another potential buyer offered a higher price or better terms. An award of (monetary) damages will not suffice to allow a plaintiff to acquire the same parcel of land anywhere else.”. Since there is no other piece of property or house exactly like Beth's, Rina may be entitled to specific performance on the contract. Real estate agreements of sale are different in this regard however. ment – Specific Performance and Injunctions §10.3.1, at 10-31–10-33 (2d ed. Hence, the statement of a cause of action in a suit for specific performance calls for two kinds of allegations: those that establish the right to recover for breach of contract, and those that are essential to the granting of the equitable remedy of specific performance. The remedy of specific performance can be available in limited situations where a property or facts of the transaction are so unique that damages will not be sufficient. Specific performance may be available for the breach of a contract to sell ... b. real estate contracts. If one of the parties does not honor the contract by breaching the terms of the contract, the harmed party often does not want money damages but instead wants actual performance of the terms of the contract. c. agreements involving farm goods. Liquidated damages provisions are useful when it is difficult to calculate an exact amount of damages stemming from a breach of contract. The issue of whether a buyer has a duty to act with reasonable promptness in seeking specific performance is not only material to the outcome of this case, but also to the Florida real estate market. First, the parties were both represented by competent attorneys, each with many years of experience in handling residential and commercial real estate closings. Whether the aggrieved party to the contract of sale will receive money damages or specific performance of the contract of sale will depend on the terms of the contract, as well as the circumstances of the other party’s breach of the contract. As one recent judicial opinion explained “no two parcels of land are identical. For example, depending on the terms of the real estate contract, a buyer might be able to take advantage of a contingency clause in order to cancel a sale, when the real reason is that the buyer found a different property that he would prefer to purchase  Sometimes, a seller might be able to take advantage of a contingency clause in order to cancel a sale, although the real motivation to terminate the contract is that the seller was offered a higher price from another purchaser. Overview. If the seller refuses to close the transaction, we will discuss the client’s options, including the possibility of commencing an action for Specific Performance of Real Estate Contract. The action is usually one that has been previously detailed in a contract. One of the more common types of specific performance cases involves a contract containing an option to purchase real estate at some point in the future. The law considers real property to be unique and therefore a contract to purchase real property can be specifically enforced. of their claim for specific performance.” Siegel, 365 So.2d 1041, 1042 (Fla. 3d DCA 1979). The trial court opinion was quite detailed, stating that Oliver’s testimony did not establish the timber as unique, did not “evidence that gas rights are unavailable elsewhere”, and did not establish that the terrain and location of this particular property was “important to him.” In summary, Oliver did not offer “any evidence that this (P)roperty had any unique characteristics, of import to him, that cannot be found or purchased elsewhere, even within Butler County.”, The Superior Court overruled the trial court decision. •NY Mechanic’s Liens Exhibit 10.35 . Either the buyer or the seller might develop "cold feet" and try to escape from the sale. In most cases, such plaintiffs will still have a duty to mitigate, which could involve purchasing alternative properties that are on … Seller demises and leases to purchaser and purchaser takes and rents from seller certain real property described in the form. Oftentimes, this might be the result of the seller taking unfair advantage of a contingency clause in the contract. 2018-1) (who observe, in their chapter on real estate, that although “[t]radition-ally,…specific performance was almost universally available to remedy the [buyer’s] breach…a number of jurisdictions have limited specific performance to cir- He testified that the property was of special interest to him because of its size, its subdivision potential, its location near his home and his other properties, its franchise potential rights and its standing timber (because Oliver was at the time in the timber business). Depending upon the specific provisions of the contract, these conditions may give the purchaser the legal right to compel the seller to rectify the condition at the seller’s cost. Suit for specific performance. •NY Store Leases For the seller to be awarded either money damages or specific performance of the contract of sale, the seller will need to prove that he or she was able to deliver good marketable title to the property, together with the documents required by the contract of sale, such as a certificate of occupancy. In that instance, the buyer may ask for “specific performance” of the contract, which is a remedy that is pretty much like it sounds, the seller actually has to perform what it contracted to do – convey the property. For example, if the seller is forced to sell the property quickly to another buyer for less than the contract price in the contract of sale that was breached by the buyer, the seller might be entitled to recover that monetary loss from the buyer who breached the contract. And despite his testimony, the trial court went on to deny Mr. Oliver specific performance. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, especially between the execution of the purchase contract and the actual closing (the moment when title formally transfers). The result may be that the party attempting to cancel the contract decides to either complete the transaction, or negotiate a solution that is acceptable to our client. In our real estate litigation practice, many clients have told us that their real estate transaction attorney is not a real estate litigator, and has advised them to hire a real estate litigation attorney. In addition, the liquidated damages clause at issue did not extinguish any rights or obligations under the contract. If the buyer nevertheless insists on terminating the purchase, he will probably be compelled to forfeit the down payment as “liquidated damages”. •NY Real Estate Partition Actions, contact our New York real estate litigation attorney. An inspection contingency (also called a “due diligence contingency”) gives … Seller beware – don’t sign that paper unless you really plan on selling. •NY Construction and Renovation Contracts First, from the moment that the buyer and seller sign the agreement of sale the buyer is the equitable owner and the seller holds the property in trust for the buyer. The most common and ways for a contract to be discharged are listed here in alphabetical order (after performance, because […] If You’re a Seller Defaulting on a Real Estate Contract. •NY Office Leases Specific Performance or Money Damages for Breach of Real Estate Contract Is the Real Estate Contract of Sale Enforceable? Evaluation of the equities in this case favor the [p]laintiff. Real estate agreements of sale are different in this regard however. Inspection Contingency. . This remedy is not very common as the threshold of proof is very high. Another possibility is that the contract provision might give the buyer or seller an opportunity to cancel the contract. •NY Real Estate Transactions If the purchaser starts a lawsuit for specific performance, it is important to simultaneously file a Notice of Pendency (Lis Pendens), which gives notice to anyone checking the real property records that there is litigation pending against the property. If any of the contingencies contained in the contract are not satisfied, that may be a legitimate ground for canceling the contract.

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