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Free catalogue available in French or English. Catalogue free within Canada; $2 (U.S.) from outside Canada. Main catalog $3 or on-line. Ellen de Casemaker offers seeds of heirloom herbs, flowers and vegetables of more than fifty years ago. Charitable registration # 89650 8157 RR0001. The data has been provided by TOMATObase members - please visit our Community Portal if you are interested in participating. Specialties include: Short-Season Sweetpotatoes, Distinctive Tomatoes, Jerusalem and Chinese Artichokes, Horseradish, Garden Soybeans and more. Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation of agricultural and horticultural biodiversity. Often, there are good tips for growing the plants in your Jerusalem artichoke, white fuseau Please be advised that our Thorold, ON retail store will be closed until further notice. hybrides de légumes, de fines herbes, de plantes médicinales et de fleurs, bien entendu sans O.G.M. A unique source of oriental vegetable seeds. Visit these companies, buy their seeds, and enjoy a beautiful, diverse garden this summer! local. Elles sont produites de façon écologique, sans pesticides ou engrais chimique. We have a large selection of Flower Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Vegetable Seeds and … All seeds have been acclimatized to our growing region (zone 5a). A grower/supplier of adventurous seed and plant stock. Seed savers is a non profit company that is a wonderful source of information on heirloom and open pollinated seed, as well as one of the top sources for such seeds. (organismes génétiquement modifiés). does this really well is Veseys, based in PEI. Saskatchewan Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company . Be aware that not all batches of seed are created equal, and make sure you have options to fill the gap. The Harris Seeds team includes local growers and garden enthusiasts, whose invaluable knowledge and expertise allow us to better serve you. Not only does the free catalog list all their seeds, their sites educates us on why it is important to save heirloom varieties. We are based out of Ottawa, Ontario serving organics seeds to Ontario residents only. 2014 is our first year of growing garlic on farm land that has been in the family for over a hundred years. Mount Royal Seeds Mount Royal Seeds is an independent Canadian supplier of tree and shrub seeds as well as selective woodland plant and flower seeds. Dill's Atlantic Giant might be world-renowned as the seed that, year in and year out, produces the largest pumpkin, but you'll find more. Download from website for free-French only. We use land at Greta’s Organic Garden at the moment and continue to do our seed production there. During mid MAY they will be hand selected and made available for purchase from local retailers. Lines are currently open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Seed production at We sell several variety mixes for the home gardener. seeds that will do well for you. We sell only what we’ve carefully grown ourselves, which means we can assure high quality seeds for your garden. Can’t wait to grow the 1000 year old tobacco, a wonderful and rare addition to the medics garden. 's Lower Mainland and, in March of each year, we can mail bareroot trees to other locations in Canada. William Dam Seeds is a family run company located just outside of Dundas, Ontario, Canada. retail outlets. All of our seed is grown with love, using organic methods. Thanks to all our customers for your support over the years, and to all good growing ! Also heartnuts and black walnut selections. Catalog free and online. With so many varieties to choose from, there is sure to be a type that fits your palate and growing conditions. Provider of hardy, acclimatized stock for the colder areas of Canada. Les jardins sont situés à Beaumont dans la région de Bellechasse et sont entretenus de manière écologique, sans pesticides, sans engrais de synthèse, avec un minimum d'utilisation d'énergies fossiles. Catalog $2 or on-line. Contact for an order form. Stokes Seeds is a leading supplier of high-quality seeds in the United States and Canada. Hog peanut - Amphicarpa bracteata La ferme Jardins de la gaillarde a été fondée par trois passionnées d’agriculture urbaine. Depuis plusieurs années ils adhèrent aux pratiques de l'agriculture biologique. Notre vision, Semer pour Nourrir : se nourrir, nourrir la terre, les pollinisateurs et la nature. Your FREE subscription to the Veseys catalogues will guarantee you a pre-season preview of all the best and brightest selections for … Catalog free and on-line. Open pollinated heritage vegetable seeds grown in Okanagan Valley. John Boy Farms is a family farm located in the fertile Red River Valley of southern Manitoba, Canada. Very fast service and excellent seed quantity in the packets. Looking for organic seed potatoes? We take great care to assure that it is pest and disease free. Although most of the larger seed companies make it easy to order Guidelines for Planting Vegetable Seed; Recommended Codes for Pest Organisms in Vegetable and Cereal Crops; Watermelon Biology; Watermelon Triploid (Seedless) Growing Tips; Follow Us. Facebook; Toll free number (800) 962-4999. Laval, QC H7P 5S8 800-723-9071 www.dominion-seed … PNW Seeds does not sell directly to the public or through this website, but our packets can be found in many fine retail stores. Catalog is online and can be downloaded. of vegetables, fruit, and grains available that might otherwise disappear forever. Most are or have been extensively used in many cultures, but are now either uncommon in the plant trade or rarely used for food. On-line catalog also includes growing information and planning for year round harvesting.Many varieties of greens. Sells in stores only, no mail order. Ellenberger Organic Farm is the home of Henry and Janet Ellenberger near the quaint Ontario town of Coe Hill on The Ridge Road. We are a small and independent homestead-based enterprise, located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. collected from the Mountain Grove area (Parham, ON) that have grown well for generations. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Sprouts! Over 125 Years of History Organically grown open-pollinated seed for short season, dryland growing. Boutique Web pour la vente par correspondance. Veseys Seeds 411 York Rd. We are very proud to say we have grown well over 2,000 varieties and we grow 800 to 1,000 varieties each year. We sell 98 strains of certified organic seed garlic. Hope to get more this fall. Heritage varieties of seed garlic organically grown. We are specializing in Heritage varieties of seed garlic. Our organic seeds are free from chemicals and inspire gardeners to be aware of the heritage & purity of the plants they grow. Names of local retailers selling Pacific Northwest Seeds can be forwarded to you upon request. Over 170 varieties of heirloom, open pollinated varieties of herb, vegetable, and flower seed. We're growing in harmony with the land and in our own small way, helping renew and reinvigorate Salt Spring’s position as British Columbia’s historic apple source. Catalogue SASE or by email. Catalogue available to view and download on-line. They have the individual seeds, but Locally sourced seeds and products are not that easy to find. We live and work at Hawthorn Farm near Palmerston in central Ontario (zone 5) and we've been certified organic since 1996. We are Canada's largest online provider of woody plants, especially for evergreens, deciduous, as well as native plants and shrubs. On-line catalog gives descriptions and uses for plants. Please note: Seeds of Diversity has no store, and no mail order seed sales. document.write(year)   All rights reserved, Simplify All The Things ~ A Homesteading Resource. More and more Canadians are discovering how amazing locally grown garlic is! We also specialize in a variety of heirloom seeds. Petite entreprise spécialisée dans la culture écologique de l’ail située à St-Julien. Légumes, fines herbes et fleurs sélectionnés pour leur rusticité (3a) où la période de croissance est courte et fraîche (le Bic). Catalogue on line or $1 through the mail. A locally owned and operated seed company in New Brunswick, specializing in organic heritage It can be hard to grow some varieties from one year to the next but we do our best to provide a wide selection for our customers. We are adjacent to Boundary Garlic, which is also on part of the family farm.Our 60 varieties are certified organic. (la date indiquée suivant le nom du cultivar indique l’année d’introduction sur le marché) et non Members of the co-op represent various regions in BC including West Kootenays, Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Southern Vancouver Island, Cowichan Valley, Fraser Valley, and Fraser Canyon, and all have been working collectively for years through BC Seeds, a project of FarmFolk/CityFolk. We will be continually adding to this list each season, and will be including flower seeds in our product selection as well in upcoming years. Urban Harvest is dedicated to providing its customers with seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Join us today and grow your own incredible garden. Updated for Spring/Summer 2020. I am hosting a seed saving workshop on the farm at 56417 RR 51 in Lac Ste Anne County, Sunday Oct. 4, from 10 to 3. A large selection of seeds plants and gardening supplies. During the Holiday Season, our office will be closed from December 22, 2020, to January 4, 2021, inclusively. Also very fond of breeding and selection, always to create open-pollinated, ecological seed at our farm. For over 100 years the Ontario Seed Company has been serving the Canadian gardener with the finest quality flower vegetable and herb seeds. ... Canada . Also offers herbal and health products. Catalog $2 to U.S, free in Canada. Most of them are rare and endangered here in Canada. Locally producing these young plants on a small scale means that we can ensure that they are of the highest quality and provide the best chance of success in your garden. Craig et Gosford construits dans les Appalaches entre les années 1810 The OSC Seeds Catalogue features our selection of high-quality seed packets, perfectly suited for the Canadian climate and ready for planting in your garden. If you're in Canada, your micro climate could be completely different to provenance is everything (that means, where the seeds are actually Groundnut - Apios americana We grow all the seeds we offer here in our gardens, and integrate seed production and seed saving into the larger context of our diversified homestead, which includes rare breeds of livestock. Bulbils for developing nematode-free garlic. Service in both Official languages. catalog. OSC Seeds is the largest wholly Canadian-owned and operated packet seed company, offering a full line of products including over 30 herbs, 250 vegetables, 240 annuals, and 100 perennials and biennials suitable for Canada’s various climates.

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