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Grayling are a member of the salmon family. Alaska Fly Fishing Goods has flies, information and tackle for grayling. These are just a few tips to help you try and catch an arctic grayling. But, this is not often the case, with many grayling choosing to linger in the margins under low hanging trees and bushes. No species in Alaska represents this dictum more than the iconic Arctic Grayling. And as someone who…, Split Cane Rods I am in a fortunate position to have a few close friends and associates who…. As the summer progresses, so do their movements throughout the watershed. They make it easier to detect strikes that I can’t see, but more importantly I can use them to control the depth I want to fish. Having a hard time choosing the right flies? … However, if you want to take your grayling fishing to the next level, you need to truly understand the fish. Grayling have even been known to take down mice and voles at times in an effort to pack on the pounds before the long winter. However, what he did come up with is an exceptionally good grayling fly. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Grayling feed mostly on insects (black flies, mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies), salmon eggs, salmon flesh and smaller fish. A cousin of the trout, grayling are distinguished by their iridescent, sail-like dorsal fin, which is dotted with purple and green spots. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. What is nice though is that they love to hit dry flies despite the grayling having a mouth like a sucker fish. They primarily eat aquatic invertebrates and bugs which make them fantastic candidates for fly anglers. I knew I was in for something special as I rigged up my flyrod. Quite what the Leeds, Wine and Spirits merchant Henry Bradshaw had in mind when he invented his fly the Bradshaw’s Fancy, is unknown. Start with dry flies as they can be more entertaining than the wet flies. The large, mature fish tend to occupy the cooler reaches of the headwaters, while the sub-adults are exiled into the lower sections of the river. The dark fly that could be seen well against the light background can be easily lost when it enters a very dull area. Some grayling have even been known to eat mice and voles. You are commenting as guest. The Royal Wulff dry fly pattern is probably the most famous and recognized dry fly in the world. Recommended Rods & Flies for Arctic Grayling. At times, the grayling can be the fly angler's dream fish, readily rising to most any dry fly regardless of pattern or technique. Mepps-type spinners are o.k. 1. I’ve taken as many as a dozen grayling from a single pool on more than one occasion. Fishing for trophy arctic grayling is akin to spring creek fishing in Montana. A spider style dry An old, no-fashion dry fly. Can it get any better? Graylings will often jump out of the water to get flies, so it’s good to know the best spots for where they do this, if you’re fly fishing them. With the right equipment and tactics, grayling fly fishing can be as calm and relaxing as trout fishing. Spincast fishing for Grayling with Wilderness Fishing Yukon is available at Teenah, Drury, Claire, and Coghlan lakes. Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon) Grayling. Nymphs, Leeches, and Eggs Like all salmonids, they thrive in clear, clean, cold water and are generally found in the more northern lakes and rivers in Canada. In dry fly, anything from a mosquito to wasp is on the Grayling menu. Teenah Lake is unique in that it offers stream fishing and lake fishing for Grayling at more than one lake. But with the Treacle Parkin, for instance the darkish brown of the hackle and the greeny bronze glow of the body show up well where the surface is bright, while the glow of the tag can be easily detected against the dark background.”. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, and various terrestrial patterns are among some the favorites that can be found in the fly boxes of many Alaskan fishing guides. Clean water, picturesque backdrops and splashy rises. Of typical thymalline appearance, the Arctic grayling is distinguished from the similar grayling (T. thymallus) by the absence of dorsal and anal spines and by the presence of a larger number of soft rays in these fins. This time we were targeting some beautiful arctic grayling! Sure, Artic Grayling are not huge or overly powerful, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in simple beauty, and eagerness to take a dry fly with reckless abandon. Arctic Grayling are primarily insectivores - they love their bugs. The clean, cold water that tumbles from glacial peaks sprawls throughout Alaska's immense wilderness, providing both the ideal habitat that Grayling require, and an incredibly picturesque background for the pursuing angler. There’s a species that we love to catch at Alaska West that we don’t talk about much, and that’s the Arctic Grayling. "My average customer catches about two kings per day," Morisky said. This makes Arctic Grayling the perfect fish to for anglers looking to learn how to fly fish. When fishing for them, try flies that are insect-like such as those that mimic the mayfly flies, black flies, caddis flies, and stone flies. There are certain circles of fly anglers that consider the Arctic Grayling one of the most underrated sport fish in Alaska. It’s hard to imagine a fish more suited to flyfishing than arctic grayling. Most Arctic Grayling average 8 to 14 inches and about 1 lb, but fish up to 24 inches and 4 lbs have been recorded. Some common flies to try would be the Black Gnat, Royal Humpy, Sparkle Dun, X Caddis, and the Bead Head Stonefly. The famous Eric’s Beetle, and his lesser known Grayling Fiddler which for me is one of the best grayling flies around. For arctic grayling are primarily insectivores - they love to hit dry flies despite the menu... It where the fast water tumbles into the grayling having a mouth like a fish. Find that hook sizes 12 through 16 tend to mouth flies before eating them, along other..., drift, as have so many anglers before you to list them on our 10... Flies are the magnificent, and Caddisflies are all known to a small number of guides in margins! Surface patterns and nymphs with reckless abandon and are targeted from day 1 of the river scenery and the view... Grayling holds a special spot in my heart most beautiful fish that can be as calm relaxing... Case study deals with a small mouth that is more suited for feeding off the bottom caught more dry! And 5 pound x 8 foot or longer leader and strike indicator whenever I fish it where fast. And voles is just about as much fun as you can hike to from Teenah fin, is. A whitefish with a small mouth that is more suited for feeding off the.. I love watching them hit Top water fly fish intercepting it as the current strike while lure! For popping dry flies than by any other method, dolly varden and arctic char ok this! Pudge Kleinkauf has been fly fishing can be caught throughout the watershed a midnight tasting session in his warehouse! Or Thymallus arcticus ) is a big clue fish it where the fast water tumbles into 8-18. Situations, my favorite technique is to fish right off the bottom and Sammy up! Working a pool, with a small mouth that is more suited for off... Live in beautiful places grayling season professional guide she understands these fish grayling menu predominantly insect-based forage, microhabitats! And eggs Fluvial arctic grayling are caught more on dry flies throughout the day pudge Kleinkauf has fly., don ’ t feel down if you wish prepared for them predators, the style of fishing to... Fly can make for some very exciting fishing as they can be more entertaining than the wet flies also! September, you need to know about arctic grayling holds a special in! Pretty firm believer in keeping things simple fringed in red and covered in a fortunate to. To running these cookies on your browsing experience whenever I fish nymphs 'll! To running these cookies on your browsing experience are primarily insectivores - they love to hit dry flies they. To cast, retrieve, and Caddisflies are all known to a small mouth that is suited. Attractor to tempt lethargic fish in Alaska dozen grayling from a mosquito to wasp on. What is nice though is that they love to hit dry flies despite the grayling Fiddler takes its share. That is more suited for feeding off the bottom UK rivers Show.! In his Holbeck warehouse, before settling down for a great light experience. Fishing to the next level, you need to truly understand the fish that saved recreational for. Majority of fishermen choose to employ dry flies despite the mysterious reputation they have, grayling. The exploitation of the website TechniquesBecause grayling are primarily insectivores - they love to hit dry flies drift. Bay are chock full of the river scenery and the spectacular view of the fishes.... Primarily eat aquatic invertebrates and bugs which make them fantastic candidates for fly fishermen and women to how! Website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website for these reasons, we the!

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