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Soldiers. The EOA plays a pivotal role by assisting the commander with policy awareness, training, command climate assessments, complaints processing and overall advisory assistance concerning the prevention of sexual harassment. More than a dozen Army officials have been fired or suspended following an investigation into complaints of sexual harassment, bullying and violence at Fort Hood, a major military base in Texas. Formal. Sexual harassment and sexual assault have often been found to be interrelated and to exist along a continuum of sexual violence in which acts of sexual harassment, if unchecked, may lead to acts of sexual assault. Women in the military coming forward about sexual harassment and sexual assault face some particular challenges: Each military branch has its own procedure and process. How to File a Complaint in the Military . Prevention of Sexual Harassment 7–1. Policy. Formal EEO Complaint Filed Investigation Completed Decision by AJ Final Action by the Army Final Action by Agency Complainant Only Agency or Complainant Appeal to OFO Civil Action 45 days 30 days + 60 days 15 days 180 days 40 days Complaint Process 13 30 days OR OR INFORMAL complaint allows the report of … D–4. Because of this link between sexual harassment … 30 days. Soldiers are encouraged to make an INFORMAL complaint and handle at the lowest level possible. ‘A failure of command’ — How one soldier’s sexual harassment case forced a reckoning among leaders in the Army Reserve ... investigation had been opened into her original harassment complaint. An Equal Opportunity complaint for instances of discrimination or sexual harassment. It is the policy of the Department of Army (DA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) to provide equal employment opportunity for all of its employees and applicants for employment in every aspect of their employment and working conditions. The army has a program called “SHARP,” which stands for Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention. Article 138 is one of the most powerful rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), but it is one of the … How to report harassment a. Army EEO Complaint Process Flow Chart. An Article 138 (UCMJ) complaint, for instances of specific abuse, discriminatory practices of a superior officer, or where the command is not following regulations. the Army G-1. If, however, it is the CO who is doing the harassment then, the soldier will need to file a Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) complaint, Article 138. All Army employees (supervisors and nonsupervisors) are responsible for completing the mandatory "EEO, Anti-Harassment No FEAR Act Training" Course to gain an understanding of the Army's anti-harassment policy and procedures and their role in the Complaint Process. Headquarters Department of the Army 1-800-267-9964 CHAIN OF COMMAND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ADVISOR INSPECTOR GENERAL HOUSING REFERRAL OFFICE JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL MILITARY POLICE OR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR CHAPLAIN MEDICAL AGENCY The complainant and/or subject(s) of the complaint have seven calendar days to Formal Complaint. Overview The prevention of sexual harassment is a commander’s responsibility. Complaint Procedures. An Inspector General (IG) complaint for instances of fraud, waste, and abuse. harassment or discrimination. Procedures for processing complaints filed by contingent workers (contract employees) • 3–10, page 14 Counseling sexual harassment complaints (10 USC Section 1561) • 3–11, page 15 Basic complaint requirements • 3–12, page 15 Chapter 4 Formal Complaints of Discrimination, page 36 Section I 0-45 days. SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMPLAINT PROCESS.

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