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This course provides students with an introductory look at the discipline of finance and its context within the business environment. The course will prepare the student to consider specific legal situations and to make legal and ethical decisions related to those situations. Business Management Tasks addresses important concepts needed to effectively manage a business. IT, MSc IT or MSIT) is a type of postgraduate academic master's degree usually offered in a University's College of Business and in the recent years in integrated Information Science & Technology colleges. It's meant as an illustration only. EOU’s online Bachelor’s in Information Technology Management degree prepares you with administrative experience and technology-driven solutions for businesses, organizations and nonprofits. At WGU, you’re not committed to attend class at a set time, complete homework on a professor’s schedule, or log “attendance” hours. Employers said their WGU graduates have exceeded their expectations. Actual workplace settings may include anything from hospitals to corporate headquarters. This course discusses what constitutes sound research design and how to appropriately model phenomena using statistical data. You’ll then learn what you still need to learn, using online learning resources—available 24/7—along with one-on-one or cohort-based faculty instruction. As an Information Technology Management degree online student, you'll research and create a client-centered IT proposal that involves the analysis and implementation of new hardware, software installation and updating, network configuration and security protocols, troubleshooting and end-user support, and technology budget. Going from RN to BSN: 8 Key Benefits of a BSN in Nursing, Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission -, Update your Zip code, preferred campus, and preferred program, Hi, how can I assist you?Questions?Chat Now, MSN - Nursing Leadership & Administration, MSN - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, RN to MSN - Nursing Leadership & Administration, RN to MSN - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, PMC - Nursing Leadership and Administration, PMC - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician – Basic, personality traits of a successful IT manager, how to become a computer and information systems manager, Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree program,, This course ties together all the skills and knowledge covered in the business common core courses and allows the student to prove their mastery of the competencies by applying them in a simulated business environment. Vital to ensuring our students learn and do is participating in projects and research that focus on solving real-world problems, preparing our graduates to hit the ground running when they begin their careers. Lead IT teams to success with your knowledge. WGU is approved for federal financial aid and U.S. veterans benefits. At WGU, we design our curriculum to be timely, relevant, and practical—all to ensure your degree is proof you really know your stuff. The MSITM degree with a concentration in Information Technology Management degree is awarded by the College of Business. A master's degree in IT management will go over technical communication, globalization, management techniques, and more. This course covers how to analyze current trends and issues in employment law and apply this knowledge to manage risk effectively in the employment relationship. This IT management bachelor’s degree program will prepare you for career success in IT management roles that are vital in every industry. This course helps start students on a road of self-discovery, cultivating awareness to improve both as a business professional and personally. WGU measures learning, not time, so each course in your program culminates in an assessment—a test, paper, project, or presentation that allows you to prove what you know. The IT management bachelor's degree at WGU is 100% online, which means it works wherever you are. Science Education (Secondary Biological Science) – B.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the top five industries employing computer systems analysts in 2016 included computer systems design, finance and insurance, management, information, and government. The course will help students gain skills in analyzing different business environments and in using quantitative literacy and data analysis in business strategy development and implementation. Science Education (Secondary Physics) – B.S. Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner (BSN-to-MSN Program) – M.S. Because all courses are online with no set meeting times, you can study whenever and wherever works best for you. Possible management positions include IT project manager, IT director, and chief technology officer. Candidates will practice writing, with emphasis placed on research, writing, and revising an academic argument. At Herzing, our MBA in Technology Management program offers experienced IT professionals the executive development they need—plus the opportunity to pursue a dual MBA concentration in Project Management or Data Analytics. Computer Systems Analysts job outlook. Every course in your program focuses on a set of clearly defined competencies that you must prove you’ve learned—through tests, papers, projects, or other assessments. Project Management prepares students to manage projects from start to finish within any organizational structure. A Master of Science in Information Technology (abbreviated M.Sc. These recommendations will take into account an organization’s budget as well as its strategic goals. Download your step-by-step guide to enrollment. Students also gain a fundamental knowledge of financial forecasting and budgeting, statement analysis, and decision making. There are no prerequisites. The Introduction to Spreadsheets course will help students become proficient in using spreadsheets to analyze business problems. WGU seeks to admit individuals who have the capacity and determination to complete a rigorous WGU degree program … and graduate. These micro-credentials will help you boost your resume before you graduate. This course provides students with a business generalist overview in the areas of strategic decision-making and operational planning, managerial budgeting, change management, human capital management, staff development, and conflict management. The average student loan debt of WGU graduates in 2019 (among those who borrowed) was less than half the national average. This course will help take the student's knowledge and skills from the theoretical to applicable. Applied Probability and Statistics helps candidates develop competence in the fundamental concepts of basic statistics including introductory algebra and graphing; descriptive statistics; regression and correlation; and probability. Read everything you need to know about how to become a computer and information systems manager. Earn your Master's in Information Technology Management online from CSU Global. Please remember to consult with your academic advisor You can also read more about each course in the Program Guide. The Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management will inculcate students with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes to leverage technology opportunities in all organizations. Online Doctorate in IT Management By BVS Staff Although they are expected to become more plentiful, online doctorate in information technology and management degree programs are still relatively hard to find. The project management specialization allows you to gain advanced IT management skills while building expertise for project management certification. WGU’s three-pronged approach to keeping your debt low and your return on investment quick: One, provide useful information and advice on responsible borrowing before enrollment. Master of Science in Information Technology and Management The MS in Information Technology and Management program is a flexible, 36-hour STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) designed to prepare students to be successful servant leaders in … How much Computer Systems Analysts make. Introduction to Spreadsheets is a prerequisite for this course. Earn practical experience while studying information technology by building a portfolio and completing an applied project. Business, Bachelor of Science Business Administration. Your learning will be directly applicable to the modern workplace, where technology is ubiquitous and essential to maintain a competitive edge. Considering moving into information technology (IT) management? This information is published a long This course helps student learn to analyze data by using a variety of analytic tools and techniques to make better business decisions. Reasoning and Problem Solving helps candidates internalize a systematic process for exploring issues that takes them beyond an unexamined point of view and encourages them to become more self-aware thinkers by applying principles of problem identification and clarification, planning and information gathering, identifying assumptions and values, analyzing and interpreting information and data, reaching well-founded conclusions, and identifying the role of critical thinking in disciplines and professions. Jobs related to this degree level You may be able to find a job as a chief information officer A bachelors in information technology salary will typically be significantly more than a salary when a person only has certifications. Requesting this embedded option can allow you to earn a graduate certificate on the way to your Information Technology Management Degree. With competency-based education at WGU, success is measured by actual learning, not class time. Give your résumé the boost it needs! Applied Algebra is designed to help candidates develop competence in working with functions, working with the algebra of functions, and using some applied properties of functions. While virtually every industry today needs IT managers, the industries that handle the most data and require the most security for that data are where many of the jobs will be. An IT degree salary will vary based on both the person’s educational background and desired position. All of this helps students identify the role of marketing within an organization. Competency-based education means you can move as quickly through your online IT management degree as you can master the material. In an IT management career, you’ll have one foot in technology and another in business. The course finishes with models of change management and how to use them to overcome barriers in organizations. Employers rated WGU graduates' job performance as very good or excellent. Your initial interactions at WGU will be guided by an Enrollment Counselor who specializes in the programs you're interested in. This course provides the student a business generalist overview of the field of finance and builds on previous acquired competencies related to using spreadsheets. Business Environment Applications 1 provides students with a generalist overview of the business environment and a deeper look at a number of topics that make up the non-discipline areas of business which are required for a business person to be successful within any business environment. And three, offer degree programs that lead to better-paying jobs after graduation. WGU’s B.S. The mission of the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) Students will explore how historical events and major themes in American history have affected a diverse population. MBA programs in IT Management should aim to produce graduates with executive-level understanding of business functions and how technology can strategically amplify the effectiveness and efficiency of those functions. The course includes important topics related to management of information systems (MIS), such as system development, and business continuity. Every student in WGU's HR program is eligible to join our online SHRM virtual student chapter. A Master in Technology Management can be invaluable today, given the rapidly evolving nature of technology and the benefits that businesses gain from keeping pace with these advances. The strong management component of the curriculum is a key differentiator of the BS in IT&M degree. Students will be introduced to topics such as strategic workforce planning and employment; compensation and benefits; training and development; employee and labor relations; and occupational health, safety, and security. This course adds to the students’ business skills and knowledge in a number of professional areas. Earn your master’s degree in information technology with a specialization in project management to successfully lead large projects and grow your career advancement opportunities. Business - IT Management Portfolio Requirement is designed to help the learner complete the culminating Undergraduate Business Portfolio assessment; it focuses on developing a business portfolio containing a strengths essay, a career report, a reflection essay, a resume, and exhibits that support one’s strengths in the work place. Teaching, Mathematics Education (Middle Grades) – M.A. This introductory course provides students with an overview of the field of business and a basic understanding of how management, organizational structure, communication, and leadership styles affect the business environment. Utilize all available resources, and ensure you’re comfortable with the material when you take the assessment. Some degree programs let students concentrate on a specific technological sector, such as information technology, while other programs seek to develop more general skills. Special Education (Mild-to-Moderate) – B.A. See how. B.S. Instruction and exercises in grammar, mechanics, research documentation, and style are paired with each module so that writers can practice these skills as necessary. One important measure of a degree’s value is the reputation of the university where it was earned. In addition, it covers developing project schedules using the Critical Path Method. Put those qualities to work and master material more quickly, potentially graduating ahead of schedule. Compensation and Benefits develops competence in the design and implementation of compensation and benefits systems in an organization. Discuss steps and deadlines with your Enrollment Counselor. Graduates of the B.S. Read about our Responsible Borrowing Initiative. A high school diploma or the equivalent is generally required for admission into a BBA degree program in information systems management. This course introduces students to the concepts and terminology used in the field of data management. Here are just a few you may be eligible to apply for: The affordable, flexible programs offered at WGU put high-quality education within your reach. Your knowledge, experience, and drive to finish your degree are valuable. Information Technology Management Associate in Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) Earn practical experience while studying information By submitting you will receive emails from WGU and can opt-out at any time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry sectors that employed the most IT managers in this category in 2016 included computer systems design, information management, finance and insurance, management, and manufacturing. Teaching, English Education (Secondary) – M.A. If you have an MBA, this degree will help you develop more in-depth analytical expertise. Topics include forecasting, product and service design, process design and location analysis, capacity planning, management of quality and quality control, inventory management, scheduling, supply chain management, and performance measurement. Information technology management describes a process that manages the different information technology resources to ensure that they are properly utilized to address the needs and goals of the organization. The course also introduces students to basic concepts of security, covering vulnerabilities of networks and mitigation techniques, security of physical media, and security policies and procedures. An online IT degree prepares students for information technology jobs as … The IT field changes so rapidly that the most successful IT managers are those willing to stay on top of new technological developments all the time. Graduate with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree and get the skills to work as a business or technical consultant, systems analyst, database administrator, or web programmer. You can do your coursework at night after working at your full-time job, on weekends, while you're traveling the world or on vacation—it's entirely up to you. This course covers an important part of being a business professional: the knowledge and skills used in building and implementing business strategy. This organization helps students continue their education and networking with the HR field through events, presentations, and other resources. Teaching, Mathematics Education (Secondary) – M.A. Business Administration, Healthcare Management – B.S. Computer systems analysts may work as independent consultants as well as for organizations. Your Program Mentor is your individually assigned faculty member, providing regular program guidance and instruction from the day you start, to the day you graduate. Graduates said the majority of their coursework was related to their jobs. Take a look at what we mean: An entire team of faculty members has one goal in mind: your success. Information Technology and Management majors must complete a minimum of 24 credits of required courses (300 and 400 level) School of Management courses at UB. For those who do not work directly in IT, it can be easy to forget the immense work that happens in the background of communications, data, and computing. This is an unofficial estimate of your transferable credits. Studying a wide variety of creative works allows candidates to more effectively enter the global community with a broad and enlightened perspective. Students can work on IT projects for campus departments, administration offices and for the Computer Help Desk.. Boost Your Degree. Candidates will learn how to apply different kinds of functions to relevant, real-life examples. A graduate degree in information technology also gives you the opportunity to specialize in certain fields of IT, and can prime you for management and leadership positions. The course finishes by looking at macroeconomics and how it is used to make business and public policy decisions, including measurement of macroeconomic variables, aggregate supply and demand, the concepts of an open economy, and how trade policies influence domestic and international markets. Online degree programs start every month. How to choose the right Business Information Technology degree To get the best results for Undergraduate Business Information Technology degree courses, simply enter your predicted grades here. This introductory humanities course allows candidates to practice essential writing, communication, and critical thinking skills necessary to engage in civic and professional interactions as mature, informed adults. Computer and Information Systems Manager job outlook. Nursing – Nursing Informatics (BSN-to-MSN Program) – M.S. Your Enrollment Counselor is ready with as much help as you may need: For undergraduate business programs, there are currently no additional admission requirements beyond the general admission requirements. Business Administration, Information Technology Management – B.S. Students will increase their skills in written, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills. O*Net online estimates that demand for IT project managers will grow between 5-9% from 2016-2026, adding 22,400 new jobs nationwide. Mid-level computer information systems managers may oversee the day-to-day operation of specific functions, such as database administration or IT security. This course features practice in each of the project phases as students learn to strategically apply project management tools and techniques to help organizations achieve their goals. Master's in Information Technology ICT Management (Stream A) The Masters in Information Technology (MIT) ICT Management (Stream A) is an exciting and unique degree that merges different computing-related disciplines into one integrated academic programme with a strong focus on Management. At program’s end, you’ll complete a final capstone project that allows you to show off everything you’ve learned by proposing a solution to a relevant issue in your industry. Information Technology Management degrees from Berkeley College c ombine information technology with business management to enhance your career potential. Mid-level IT managers may work in offices close to server rooms and other technology infrastructure. Be prepared for a future in technology management with the help of an online IT management degree program. We’ve made our admissions process as simple as possible to help you take the next step to a brighter future. An unofficial estimated 11 courses are fulfilled by your associate degree leaving 29 courses. Information Technology Management Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management ... Includes alumni who graduated with an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree from APUS. An accredited IT Management Degree will enable you to offer and manage business solutions through information supported technology. Students gain the knowledge to differentiate between personal and business finance and how they may overlap in a business environment. The speed of your progress is largely up to you. Instruction and exercises in grammar, mechanics, research documentation, and style are paired with each module so that writers can practice these skills as necessary. Take proctored exams from the comfort of your own home—via webcam, any time of day! This means you can finish as many courses as you're able in a term at no additional cost. Science Education (Secondary Biological Science) – M.A. In order to prevent loss of time and money, organizations need project managers who can act as liaisons between business stakeholders and technical teams to ensure IT projects get off the ground within time and budget limits. Capstone project: At the end of your program, you will complete a capstone project that represents the culmination of all your hard work—a project that allows you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to a real-world situation, proposing a solution to an actual issue you face in your place of business. If you’re new to the IT field but know you want to pursue management someday, you should start with a bachelor’s degree that either focuses on IT management or includes significant management skills coursework as part of an IT degree. Low tuition and the ability to accelerate your studies make WGU a more affordable option to earn your degree. View other WGU degree programs similar to this one. Information Technology Management - Master of Science (M.S.) Candidates will also learn about relevant, applicable mathematical properties of each family of functions, including rate of change, concavity, maximizing/minimizing, and asymptotes. Skills that span technical knowledge and managerial capabilities can position you for long-term career security, strong earning potential—and for job roles that offer interesting, varied work. Our program is also offered in an online format for the convenience of working professionals. Seek a hands-on IT management bachelor’s degree program that: At Herzing University, our Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree program offers all of the above: a foundation in computer science and networking, plus business courses in management, marketing and finance. As soon as you’re ready, you’ll pass the assessment, complete the course, and move on. At Herzing, an affordable, career-focused education is within your reach. With a bachelor of information technology management degree from American Military University (AMU), you will learn the problem-solving skills and techniques for providing computer-based solutions to practical problems. in Information Technology Management is to educate, mentor, train and develop students that can manage and supervise IT personnel and projects using effective communication skills, knowledge … Read a personal account from a Herzing student who offers some advice on the things you need to know about getting a degree in IT management and starting in the field. Professionals come from leading firms and organizations in the Washington, D.C., area including Freddie Mac, Nextel, Northrop Grumman, Datatel, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Department of the …

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