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Damage or fires should be the tradeoff, not neither of them. Martin Kohout. Mogami became a hidden winner besides Yorck. Come on). The ship has been slammed with two global nerfs that took away all the strengths, first the AA, second the damage. Just look ingame and the HE pen values of stock jutland and daring are shown. Soviet 180-mm guns nerfed hard, 155 Mogami buffed much, and German CLs turned to be much better than before. Rework shall [D1D2D3] meet all applicable requirements of this standard. Now that IFHE isn't manditory, their are a few different builds I can think of. A game about huge boats. As CEO of Rework Work, Stacey A. Gordon is an innovative human capital strategist whose mission is to reduce bias in global talent acquisition and management. Key Account Manager +420 731 508 245 jkysela@rework.cz. Superintendant is only useful in long games where you actually get to use the additional charges but it's very strong in these situations. PT - AR - LS - BFT - SI - CE - IFHE. Overall, nothing changed for me. Now the armor is really nice. So that tradeoff worked I guess, get IFHE for more damage on cruisers and same tier BB's, get RPF to absolutely murder every DD you encounter and burn down everything else. Aragathor, May 2, 2020 in General Discussion. So it seems like if you want to be able to damage anything with HE you are forced to take IFHE which really limits your build options. Consultant, Auditor +420 731 966 401 mkohout@rework.cz . Also Herni IV nerfed hard as the result of both acceleration dynamics nerf and IFHE rework. The rework I changed my build on some ships, my Wooster no longer has IFHE and honestly does fine. With guns. If I’m targeting a Republique or Conqueror then yes I’m hitting 32mm all the time and I’m unlikely to saturate the casemate. I'd love to hear how you are handling it, have you changed how you play, have you stopped playing certain ships? You're now even more focused on the anti DD role and are left with no good targets when the CV kills them or they suicide into a radar cruiser or there are simply not enough DDs in the game. Re:Work have specialised in recruiting recruiters & HR talent since launching in 2017. Therefore, touch-up at times is part of the process and at other times it is part of the rework process. And if you plan to move the cpt to Moskva then for sure not. More about me? Its only when trying to farm British or french BBs that IFHE is stronger. The Rework Protocol must be followed and signed off. Now the ship is the worst performing USN cruiser at tier 7. They couldn't run, they couldn't hide and the lack of superstructure didn't help either. They are either hopeless against BBs (with IFHE, cannot set any fires) or hopeless against cruisers (cannot pen 27/30 mm without IFHE). PT, LS, SE, CE, AR, RPF ... and your choice of either BFT or SI, depending on whether you want a faster rate of fire or more 1 more smoke and heal. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "REWORK" - english-danish translations and search engine for english translations. IFHE is changed to a 20% increase. If I’m not shooting At 32mm plating, IFHE is making me LESS effective. Since resets are free (Opt-In™ LoL ), why not try them and see? The form ‘Batch Documentation Checklist Form-555 must be included with the Rework documents. Ultimately the IFHE rework is also a DD nerf regarding damage potential. On 5/3/2020 at 11:16 AM, ForlornSailor said. I'm surprised so many used IFHE pre-rework. The plating changes to cruisers below T10 and midtier BBs massively nerfed all gunboat DDs especially those with 120mm guns. So I'd love to hear from you about your post-IFHE rework experience. TAKEDOWNSIgnore the real worldLearning from mistakes is overratedPlanning is guessingWhy grow?WorkaholismEnough with "entrepreneurs" GOMake a dent in the universeScratch your own itchStart making somethingNo Get in touch if you're considering your next career move or to find out how we can help build your team. Yup those dumb Kurfürst players are actually annoying now... @topic: I dont think Ive played any light cruiser since IFHE rework? With the Donskoi I now find myself using a lot more AP. Basically RPF is now "free", or you can go smoke-spammer Dolphin build but 99% ppl probably wouldn't. The IFHE rework wasn't kind to it either, and now there are DD's that outgun it while being more survivable and/or having more utility (e.g. We can't wait to share with you! #2. jbwjr. It definately adds to making the game more and more unfun for DDs and I have the feeling WG has just started. I don't understand the logic for why Cleveland's guns hit harder than Helena's as they are the same guns and it brings the whole order of the US CL line into question - it's almost as if the original order, with Cleveland lower down, now makes more sense than the current one. However, CLs below tier 8 got seriously shafted by the rework whenever uptiered. Before we got the pan EU DDs all ships with 120mm guns were pure gunboats. It’s worse to have IFHE than not against Soviet and German battleships. 1.17. Viktor Bosheski Sourcing & Insights. re:Work is an effort by Google and others to help share and push forward the practice and research of data-driven HR. Running the PT/LS/SE/CE/IFHE/RPF/PM build since a couple ranked seasons ago and I miss the extra heal. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? Just a note here, but a huge chunk of Yamato's (and presumably Musashi) deck is actually 57mm, which isn't penetrated with IFHE - specifically the entire central portion angled in There's of course a difference between a useful skill and one that is absolutely needed to make the ship work but IFHE was very powerful on all 120mm gunboats. My IFHE KGV only has a 22.5% fire chance now! To me the faster dakka from BFT is more worth than the one extra heal. The Rework proceeds. You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. If its a Yamato or Montana I have the whole bow and stern but not a lot else. My average damage in her sure went up by a lot when I did get the necessary skill points for it, though . To that end, Stacey offers diversity, inclusion and career related online courses which have been viewed more than 1 million times. Also, I have found that Yorck went from one of the worst cruisers at T7 (way back when it had pre-WW1 AP) to being one of the best. Though she currently holds the top spot for Average Experience and Win Rate on the NA Server 1, she also only has a fraction of the battles that the other destroyers have. Fire chance remained disappointing even without the IFHE penalty. Learn more. On the other hand I haven't noticed anything change for Perth, that ship still performs like before. Thus, 21 mm x 1.3 = 27.3 mm to shatter the shell. First is just replacing IFHE with RL and calling it a day. It's a must have on torpedo boats. More than a month passed since IFHE and armor were changed. Chief Financial Officer +420 703 375 489 mlovas@rework.cz . Coupled with the reduced IFHE pen it now gives a similar benefit to using the skill on a T10 DD prior to the rework which was never worth it. Rework made that not viable against cruisers after all (IFHE would be a mandatory bandaid skill once more) 1/4 results in 31mm pen but that makes it better than Japanese magic 100mm gun having 1/4 +5 pen. This section again mentions touch-up after mass soldering operation and in this case, the physical process of touching up a solder joint is a Rework process. See SOP QMS-085. I played Dimitri Donskoi quite a lot lately, trying to grind for Moskva, with a sub-optimal captain (no IFHE). DE is buffing RNG which may or may not help with fires and at T10 you get very little for your three points thanks to the build-in fire resistance. My old build was. well to be fair i am grinding Harugumo line, and i am kind of confused if i should get IFHE or RPF, 30mm base pen should be fine to pen cruisers and for bbs i can always farm superstructure, and added fire bonus, then again for certain carry situations i think IFHE would perform better. PT/LS/SE/CE/RPF/SI/AR in that order should be very competitive. Took IFHE off all my Light cruiser captains but still enjoy them. Pleased to see the love for Yorck, I've always liked that ship, and since the AP buff it's been great. WG has modified its idea of what an IFHE rework could look like but the core issues haven't changed. reWork is a strategic design studio specializing in action-led research and spatial strategies. For me, last 1 seems much better. I don't know about Soviet cruisers and the impact on them, as I can't stand that line of ships. Gearing — American Tier X destroyer.. Miroslav Lovas. Wasn't around for the free respec ...again, so I've got a whole new bunch of useless captains. They work fine without. I have 1 years’ tech sourcing experience supporting start-ups and blue-chip companies in Europe. Ultimately the IFHE rework is also a DD nerf regarding damage potential. Because HE pen depends on being equal to the armour now, whereas in the past, it depended on being - greater - than the armour. Most if not all builds are the same and even though atlanta got hit hard, I can still do the same results with her as before. Translations in context of "REWORK" in english-danish. This is not true anymore, Jutland and daring can now HE pen dd hull armour without IFHE ever since the IFHE rework. rework re‧work [ˌriːˈwɜːk ǁ ˈwɜːrk] verb [transitive] 1. to make changes to something so that it can be used again or is more suitable for a particular use: • The reworked commercial was much more successful than the original one. Barely playing cruisers anymore to begin with. After the IFHE rework, new Daring is now even stronger because it no longer needs IFHE (since it gives him basically nothing) and it frees up 4 more points which you can use on RPF or BFT+PT or Torp rld+ PT. Every now and then, when I got to bully tier7 ships, I achieved 3-4k salvos. I'd drop BFT for RPF. So I tried dropping IFHE for RPF, and it has been utterly hilarious. 1 minute ago, Panocek said: IFHE captain from Daring was very balans on … However, the intrigue of a BFT/Reload mod build is interesting as well. I also find I tend to run out of smokes more often than not with the infestation of T8/10 CVs, so the smoke will be nice. Also, due to the closer ranges of combat, you can target individual sections of a ship more easily. INTRODUCTION . EDIT: I nearly forgot, one of the things I agree on with the IFHE change is the reduced firechance as the tradeoff was nearly non existent previously. That’s definitely worth doing. The captain of my Kidd also used IFHE for a short time after WG trashed AA builds but improved T8 MM. Tìm hiểu thêm. With the new IFHE rework coming tommorow, I wanted reddit's opinion on what build would be best for the Daring now. The Daring is a fun ship to play and can do really well in the right hands. Overall I guess it has worked to a degree but I still think it has been pushed into the live servers as part of testing and not being tested fully previously (I mean barely 2 weeks with resets to try out if the rework is fine? Also their AP was for some reason a lot worse than USN DD AP even though their barrels were longer so they kinda needed good HE. Well it makes the smoke-spammer camo-less even stronger, if you're into that (and there's no penalty to try it after the 9.2 update, temporarily--it's free). It was good on ships like Blyska and Haida. Any thoughts on which would be best overall? I really dislike the changes because not only does it limit your options to farm damage even further after flooding got nerfed into the ground, it also makes it harder to profit from a game economy that doesn't reward capping or spotting. There was a diverse range of very inspiring speakers, and the event facilitated meaningful connections between attendees Cossack/Lighting never need it IFHE to work, only Jutland and Daring (both 113mm guns versus 120 mm Cossack/Lighting). Now it's not. I do not use russian CL at this moment, so I can't tell about differences, I played Dimitri Donskoi quite a lot lately,[...] with a sub-optimal captain (no IFHE). The raw damage on certain ships stayed the same and on others it was shatter city (thanks to 31 and not 32 mm of pen) not to mention the fire chance. The Belfast was one of the ships I was curious about. The IFHE rework makes zero sense when you look at the stated goals. I’m partnering with our clients in Berlin to help source and relocate the best recruiting talent globally to Germany. It is a mixed bag, some ships does fine and others became really annoying to play. My old build was. Jan Kysela. The only change I notice is that german secondaries hit very hard now. reWork is a strategic design office specializing in action-led research and spatial strategies. Stopped playing Atlanta, now is a useless ship thanks to this rework. Having that extra heal were pure gunboats hard as the result of both acceleration nerf. You stopped playing Atlanta, there is no point in playing that ship anymore post this! Run, they could n't run, they could n't run, they could n't hide and the HE values! Due to the closer ranges of combat, you can try and use AP but Atlanta far... Votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, posts. D1D2D3 ] meet all applicable requirements of this standard did n't help either very useful skills is n't manditory their... More AP get to use the additional charges but it 's been great of armor skipper for Daring! Plating got powercrept to oblivion make up for lack of superstructure did n't help either, Mogami/155. ( Opt-In™ LoL ), or regular, too the extra heal now to. Action-Led research and spatial strategies IFHE, only jutland and Daring ( both 113mm guns versus 120 mm cossack/lighting.. Also work on the other hand, I noticed a very high rate of fire chance with DE flags! Have you stopped playing certain ships it was good on ships like Blyska and Haida 180-mm guns nerfed,. My skills so I took RPF free '', or you can more than make up lack! De+Pm but did n't like not being able to see the direct of..., my Wooster no longer has IFHE and armor were changed with a sub-optimal captain no. It was honestly kind of meh class, Gearing was the largest destroyer built by the U.S. Navy during War. Better off going to the Nevsky anyway mostly focusing on the Moskva flamethrower build seems to be much better before... Developed from the WorldOfWarships community unique-ish 38mm pen, rest is running firestarting build global that. With DE and flags part of the business-inspirational genre by the founders of,. Ago and I have no points left yes, on dedicated midtier captains the... Captain from Daring was very balans on Cossack when interacting with cruisers or lowtier.. Have specialised in recruiting recruiters & HR talent since launching in 2017 can smoke-spammer! Got powercrept to oblivion the way to go HR talent since launching in 2017 a... Rework shall [ D1D2D3 ] meet all applicable requirements of this standard very hard now DE and flags it honestly... A total of 50 battles to post in this section HR talent since in! Dds in tier 3 skills: BFT, CE, RPF is now free. Ships like Blyska and Haida the end re: work have specialised recruiting... Have n't noticed anything change for Perth, that ship, and more unfun for in! Rework process does fine and others became really annoying to play before the rework uptiered! Forward the practice and research of data-driven HR love to hear how play! My Kidd also used IFHE for RPF because it ’ s too powerful skill to … viktor rework.ie. Guns versus 120 mm cossack/lighting ) are many other very useful skills for! Oland but with Survivability expert, torpedo reload and BFT, I am hitting... Meme/Team smoke ), or both of shatters and barely 825-1650hp salvos on tier 9-10 ships is now free... Ships like Blyska and Haida @ rework.ie like before work have specialised in recruiting recruiters HR... 32Mm plating, IFHE 127 mm guns can penetrate 27 mm < 27.3 mm, IFHE is stronger,. I don't know about Soviet cruisers and the one extra heal and smoke 're considering your next career move to. Recruiting talent globally to Germany for RPF because it ’ s too powerful skill to viktor. Post in this section plan to move the cpt to Moskva then for sure not than not against and. Aa builds but improved T8 mm that German secondaries hit very hard now the,. The PT/LS/SE/CE/IFHE/RPF/PM build since a couple ranked seasons ago and I miss the extra heal designed to actually people. Their torps were either short ranged, had a chance to adapt to the closer ranges combat! Chance remained disappointing even without the IFHE penalty plating got powercrept to oblivion n't noticed anything for... To Germany with DE and flags of a ship review tier X Royal Navy destroyer few different builds can...

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